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This year’s SpotOn London conference will take place at the British Library.

I have cancelled my appearance. If I have time I might write a post about it later.

SpotOn is a series of community events for the discussion of how science is carried out and communicated online. The flagship conference is the annual SpotOn London two day event, formerly called Science Online London, and now in its fifth year. They also host monthly SpotOn NYC events in New York City.

This year I’ll be participating in the following workshop:

SpotOn London 2013: Interdisciplinary research: what can scientists, humanists and social scientists learn from each other?
Friday 8 November, 2013 4:30 pm-5:30 pm.

Academics are increasingly turning to interdisciplinary working to maximise the potential of their research. Benefits allegedly include increased access to funding, resources, knowledge and impact (to name but a few) – but how do these partnerships work in real life? What can researchers from polar opposites of the academy learn from each other? And can we ever really get along? This will be an interactive session which will include drafting of a new contract for interdisciplinary scientists, humanist and social scientists.

Coordinator: Dr Philippa Grand (Head of Social Sciences, Palgrave Macmillan, @PalgraveSoc)


  • Dr Simon Bastow, (Senior Research Fellow, LSE Public Policy Group @simonjbastow)
  • Laura Hood (The Conversation, @Lahoo)
  • Des Fitzgerald (Sociologist at Kings College London, @Des_Fitzgerald)
  • Dr Ernesto Priego (Lecturer in Library Science, City University London @ernestopriego)

Session hashtag: #solo13hss