Art by Jason Mathis
Art by Jason Mathis

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Ernesto Priego
Photo by Peter Wilkins


I am a lecturer at City, University of London. I am the editor-in-chief and co-founder of The Comics Grid Journal of Comics Scholarship, an open access journal dedicated to comics studies published by the Open Library of Humanities.

I have a PhD in Information Studies (University College London) and my background is in cultural studies (UEA Norwich) and English literature (UNAM). As a researcher I have also been  affiliated to the UCL Centre for Digital Humanities.

I enable and advocate open access publishing. Read about my position on scholarly publishing in this interview (April 2016).

I find it very hard to define myself. I like a lot of things. I am a writer, editor, translator, teacher and full-time academic. I also collect books, comics and records, and I made a living as a DJ at some point. I also write poetry and have made some comic books. My interests include comics scholarship, digital humanities, human computer interaction, library and information science, publishing, journalism, social media, altmetrics, open data science and scholarly communications.

Between 1999 and 2006 I was Teaching Assistant and then Full Time Lecturer in English Literature in the School of Humanities (Facultad de Filosofía y Letras) at UNAM, Mexico. I also worked in various CONACYT and UNAM-funded research projects at the Institute of Philological Research and the School of Humanities at UNAM.

I do editorial work and peer review in English and Spanish for several international academic journals in the fields of comics scholarship, library and information science, digital humanities, media studies, Latin American studies and cultural studies.

I’m listed as a review editor of Frontiers in Digital Humanities and associate editor of Palgrave Communications (both open access). I have been an Editor-at-Large of Digital Humanities Now. I am also a member of the editorial board of Studies in Comics and Graphic Medicine.

I have been a regular contributor to various publications, online and in print. I have blogged on the Guardian Higher Education Network and I have been a HASTAC scholar.

I am also an international correspondent for 4Humanities and contributor to University of Venus/Inside Higher Education. I am a member of the Mexican Digital Humanities Network, RedHD and have served in various international digital humanities  academic committees, including the ADHO’s ad hoc communications committee.

I am an advocate of the use of social media for research. I worked in the now-defunct Networked Researcher project with Sarah-Louise Quinnell supporting and promoting the use of social media in academic research and researcher development by facilitating training courses and developing social media guidance, as well as working on the project’s web site and social media engagement strategies. We toured various universities in the UK, Europe and America leading workshops on the use of social media for academic research.

I love teaching, writing, editing, brainstorming and spreading the word about the things I believe in. I love higher education and the Internet.

I don’t go there often, but I do have a profile on LinkedIn. I am on Twitter as @ernestopriego. I love figshare.

I am not on Facebook. I am not on ResearchGate nor either.



PhD in Information Studies, Department of Information Studies, Centre for Digital Humanities, University College London

Supervisors:  Professor Claire Warwick and Professor Melissa Terras.

Internal Examiner: Dr Jakob Stougaard-Nielsen (UCL Scandinavian Studies).

External Examiner: Dr Roger Sabin (University of the Arts, London).

Tiitle: The Comic Book in the Age of Digital Reproduction. [Abstract] [Full version on Figshare]


Master of Arts Degree in Culture and Communication, University of East Anglia, Norwich,

School of English and American Studies

Dissertation: Working History Out: Art Spiegelman’s Work of Mourning.

Supervisor: Dr. Scott McKenzie.

 BA. (Hons.)

BA in English Language and Literature; Critical Theory

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Facultad de Filosofía y Letras

Colegio de Letras Modernas

Dissertation: Watching the Watchmen: el cómic como narrativa gráfica.

(Honorary Mention for outstanding dissertation, final exam and GPA).

Supervisors: Professors Colin White, Luz Aurora Pimentel and Charlotte Broad.

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