Open Insights Interview

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Thank you to Martin Eve and James Smith from the Open Library of Humanities for interviewing me for their Open Insights series today, part of their EmpowOA programme.

The URL for the interview is:

Make sure to follow the #EmpowOA hashtag for the whole series. Find out more about the Open Library of Humanities’ EmpowOA programme here.

Open Access Futures in the Humanities and Social Sciences; The Conversation


Today I’m attending the Open Access Futures in the Humanities and Social Sciences event at Senate House, University of London. It is an event organised by SAGE and the London School of Economics in association with the British Academy and Academy of Social Sciences. The hashtag for the conference is #HSSOA.

As I reporter here earlier this week, my article  “Open Access: Towards Fairer Access to Research” is up on the Impact of Social Sciences blog and it is also included in the printed collection that will be made available today at the conference.

As you may know this week has been international Open Access Week. Last night The Conversation UK  published a piece by me in their “Hard Evidence” section, which they titled “Is open access working?“.

Infographic: The Humanities Matter!

Alan Liu has written an informative post at 4Humanities about “The Humanities Matter!” infographic that was launched on Thursday 18 July during the Digital Humanities 2013 conference in Lincoln, Nebraska.
Fragment from the Infographic produced by Melissa Terras, Ernesto Priego, Lindsay Thomas, and the other co-leaders of 4Humanities: Christine Henseler, Alan Liu, Geoffrey Rockwell, and Stéfan Sinclair.
I had the honour to participate in the data collection for this infographic along the 4Humanities team under the guidance and leadership of Melissa Terras.
Please download the print-resolution PDF file of The Humanities Matter! and help us circulate it;  please do feel free to print in small or large formats and distribute amongst your colleagues, friends and family!
The Humanities Matter! is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.