At the British Library: Digital Scholarship 101

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Tomorrow at the British Library, I will facilitate an internal one-day workshop titled “Digital Scholarship 101”. The workshop, for British Library staff, will provide an opportunity to brainstorm together what digital scholarship is and how we can engage in it/with it within the Library.

In this introductory workshop we will familiarise ourselves and engage critically and creativelly with key trends such as definitions of digital scholarship, digital collaboration and authorship, online sharing and open licensing, digital content; digitisation, copyright in the digital age, the Text Encoding Initiative, text and data mining, text analysis, crowdsourcing, georeferencing and data/text visualisation.


At the British Library: Digital Scholarship, Resources And Research Workshop

cpd25 logoTomorrow I will participate at the ‘Digital Scholarship, Resources And Research Workshop‘ organised by the M25 Consortium of Academic Libraries (cpd25) at the British Library, London.

I will be the first speaker offering a quick overview of Digital Scholarship – definitions, context and trends. It will be by all means an introduction, a DS 101 if you will.

This workshop is aimed at students, researchers and librarians interested in digital scholarship and those wanting to learn how to navigate around the world of digital resources.

At Roehampton: Digital Dissemination of Scholarship

University of RoehamptonOn Thursday 28th February 2013 my colleague Susan Greenberg and I will participate in an internal colloquium for students of the University of Roehampton’s Graduate School.

We will go from “where we are now” to “where we could be”, and will focus not only on digital dissemination of scholarship, but on “how to make it count”.

Susan and I will refer to our own experience as researchers to describe the far-reaching changes taking place in the way that scholars collaborate with each other and communicate with a wider public. Using recent case studies, we will look at repositories, open access journals, blogs, social media and alt-metrics.