No Wall Blues (78s Mix)


The Great 78 Project is a community project for the preservation, research and discovery of 78rpm records. I think it is one of the most amazing digital humanities projects out there today. As a material culture researcher and music collector I have enjoyed the collections very much. I decided to make a quick mix with some of my favourite tunes.

Copyrights that may exist in these materials have not been transferred to the Internet Archive. I do not own the copyright of the recordings used in this mix/playlist; it has been shared for artistic, preservation and educational use only and no copyright infringement has obviously not been intended.

In my mix I modified the equalization slightly and added some subtle effects. I hope this does not annoy those who with all reason have a lot of love and respect for this music. All my gratitude to the Internet Archive, George Blood, Jessica Thompson, Bob George, Brewster Kahle for sharing these cultural treasures. Shared for educational use.


1 No Wall by Claudia;Nicky;Paul Carson;Barbara Fuller;Tom Collins

2 Black And Evil Blues by Alice Moore with Ike Rodgers

3 Moanin’ (Lamentos) by Mills’ Blue Rhythm Band

4 Deep Moaning Blues by Ma Rainey

5 Vibraphone Blues (Queja del Vibrafono) by Benny Goodmand Quartet;Goodman;Krupa;Hampton

6 I Know The Blues by Israel Crosby Quartette

7 I’ve Been A Bad Boy by Doc Sausage and his Mad Labs

8 The Boll Weevil by Lead Belly

9 Last Call Blues by The Spirits of Rhythm

10 Working Man’s Blues by Lonnie Johnson

11 How Long, How Long Blues by The Varsity Seven

12 The Hipster’s Blues – Opus 6-7/8 by Harry (The Hipster) Gibson

13 Cryin’ And Sighin’ by Manzie Harris and his Band

14 Someone To Watch Over Meby Ira and George Gershwin;Linda Keene;Henry Levine and his Strictly from Dixie Jazz Band

15 Heat Cuttin’ Bluesby Hunter and Jenkins

The Technology of Storytelling. Audio of my 1999 interview with Will Eisner now online

m-430 micro-cassette tape recorder - will eisner tape

I interviewed Will Eisner about storytelling in Mexico City on 2 May 1999. I have digitised the original tape recording, edited my questions out and uploaded the mp3 file to figshare.

I interviewed Will Eisner (March 6, 1917 – January 3, 2005) on Sunday 2 May 1999 at the Conque Comic Convention in Mexico City.

I recorded the interview using a Sony M-430 microcassette-recorder. Both the tape recorder and the tape were beginning to fail so I digitised the recording as an mp3 file, and edited out my questions (you don’t need them– he says it all).

I have deposited it as an mp3 file on figshare, open access, hoping other comics researchers find it useful, with a Creative Commons – Attribution License:

Priego, Ernesto (2014): “The Technology of Storytelling.” An Interview with Will Eisner. Sunday 2 May 1999, Mexico City. figshare.

For an edited transcription of this interview, see my 2011 HASTAC blog post (3/7/2011).

Rough Cuts

The New Everyday banner

Rough Cuts: Media and Design in Process is a new cluster within The New Everyday edited by Kari Kraus at MediaCommons. It was publicly launched on Tuesday 7 August 2012.

My contribution is titled “Jack Kirby’s Pre-Press Originals: The Tangible Layers of Textuality“.

Read Kari’s introduction to the cluster here.

From now on I will try to keep track on what I publish by linking to it from this blog though short posts.