Forms of Innovation Deck of Slides

I have done an edit of the deck of slides I showed at the Forms of Innovation workshop at the University of Durham last Saturday 27th April 2013 to share online.

You can download it as a .pptx file, and use it under a CC BY license, from Figshare.

Forms of Innovation: Collaboration, Attribution, Access. Ernesto Priego. figshare.

Retrieved 10:57, Apr 29, 2013 (GMT)

At the University of Durham: Humanities, Copyright and New Technologies (Workshop)

 Forms of Innovation, University of Durham I am looking forward to participating in Forms of Innovation: Humanities, Copyright and New Technologies, a workshop at the University of Durham this Saturday 27 April 2013.

I am honoured to be co-leading this workshop along my much-admired colleagues Dr Martin Eve and Dr Caroline Edwards (Lincoln University/Open Library of Humanities) and Professor Ronan Deazley (University of Glasgow Law School/AHRC CREATe).

The title of my seminar is “Humanities research, new media and issues of authorship and attribution”, and I hope to facilitate a discussion around how ‘new’ technologies and the corresponding cultures they are embedded in and interact with are challenging previous assumptions about authority, originality and derivation, attribution and citation.

I am most grateful to my colleague Kaja Marczewska (University of Durham) for organising this event and for the kind invitation. Hopefully I’ll see some of you there?