Guest Speaker for the Electronic Publishing Module, UCL

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Simon Mahony has kindly invited me to be a guest speaker on Monday 15th October 2012 at the Electronic Publishing module he teaches at University College London (UCL). Simon is a Teaching Fellow in Digital Humanities at the Centre for Digital Humanities and is the Programme Director for the MA/MSc Digital Humanities.

I will be talking about various issues surrounding comics digitisation, encoding, archiving and electronic publishing. The main reading I suggested is

Walsh, J.A. (2012) “Comic Book Markup Language: An Introduction and Rationale”. DH Quarterly, Volume 6, Number 1. <>.

Students might also want to read my post “Surface is Profound: Notes on Comic Book Matter(s)”

There are other texts that would help students prepare for this session. A complete bibliography will be available on the module’s web page.

The day will also include a hands-on session where we will be working directly with some comics. No familiarity with XML will be needed at this stage. We will be thinking through the physical characteristics of the publications and the layout/design of the pages, recognising essential elements of comic book textuality as present in specific examples.

One of the objectives will be to make students aware of the practical implications of thinking analytically about content/format.

I’d like to thank Simon Mahony and UCLDIS/DH for this kind invitation. Looking forward to it!

At 4Humanities: Storifying #4Hum @ UCL


The “Showing the Arts and Humanities Matter” symposium that inaugurated the 4Humanities UCL chapter yesterday was a complete success.

As part of my duties as 4Humanities international correspondent I live-tweeted the event and created three rough Storify archives of each session as they happened in real time. This means that by the end of each session, as we broke for coffee or lunch, the tweets of the session that had just happened were already published and available as one easy-to-access collection.

As the symposium drew to an end I published this post on 4Humanities, “Storifying #4Hum @ UCL: Showing the Arts and Humanities Matter”, so the documenting and sharing of this collection of what had been tweeted live (excluding retweets) was as close to the time it all happened as possible.

I’d like to thank Dr Melissa Terras and Professor Alan Liu once again for inviting me to be an international correspondent and to participate actively in yesterday’s fascinating event with my live-tweeting of the proceedings.

4Humanities @ UCL: Showing the Arts and Humanities Matter

4Humanities at UCL

Tomorrow Tuesday 18th September I will be live blogging from “Showing the Arts and Humanities Matter”, a one day symposium at UCL in conjunction with 4Humanities, Arts Emergency, UCL Centre for Digital Humanities, and UCL Department of Information Studies, organised by Dr Melissa Terras.

Eva Kekou, a fellow international correspondent of 4Humanities, will be live blogging too and Dr Lucy Lyons will be the conference artist in residence.

A full program is available here. [PDF].

Speakers include:

  • Professor Alan Liu, University of California Santa Barbara, and 4Humanities founder: “Creating a Humanities Advocacy Media Plan”
  • Dr Rüdiger Klein, European Alliance for the Social Sciences and Humanities: “Making the Humanities Count – the dawn of a new era thanks to globalising Digital Humanities?”
  • Amy Westwell and Oliver Milne, The Free Hetherington Campaign: ““Occupy, Organise & Origami” The Free Hetherington, Student Radicalism and the Democratic Intellect”
  • Neil Griffiths, Arts Emergency: “The Arts Emergency we all face…”
  • Dr Anna Upchurch, University of Leeds, and Dr Eleonora Belfiore, University of Warwick: “Redefining ‘value’: the arts, humanities and the challenges of contemporary life”
  • Professor Andrew Prescott, King’s College London: “How the Humanities can Help Transform Science”

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